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Every morning in Africa gazelles and lions wake up knowing that, for different reasons, they have to run.

It is way better for Zoolock's animals, an harmony place, where they decided to live peacefully and safety with Roger the keeper, careful but omnipresent, who guarantees them the best life condition.

Here are Flake and Dizy, from an old oak branch, starting to look around. For them, sunrise, is a critical moment, since they are nocturnal predators, in fact, they are quite dazed in the morning.

Flake grumbles, like many, before breakfast; Dizy, instead, enjoy to look around amazed, wondering why all the other animals emanate sounds and stretch their paws…when for them it's time to to sleep!

Looking down, the bark of the oak is hard tested by Ariel and Pepe's nails, a duo of fascinating cats struggling with everyday hassles.

The typical maternal warmth of her, is well balacend by his rationality. Between them there are Avatar and Sugar, two terrible kitties. The first one is growing up as a bit of a philanderer, who appreciates the good company, the second one is still naive, but her beauty is destined to bloom very soon.

Aunt Ksenya has a completely different attitude, instead, she's a cat that loves the night, which often disappears from the zoo, and comes back with a luggage of adventures and tales of her incredible travels, that entertains, around her, the entire group of animals.

Surely the cat's family is ambitious, as the species requires…everybody, in fact, love to hang out with animals bigger than them, not bother at all by Galaxy's astutness, the fox, with a brilliant look that can understand things from far away, or from Loki's authority, the wolf, that with his manner knows how to keep the strong personalities of Zoolock at their places.

To him, indeed, look for help Ginda the cheetah, when her natural elegance is bothered from the sparkling attitude of Shima the tiger: they are two friends who alternate complicity with their desire to stand out.

Turn to Loki, Milo the bear too, that instead face the world with his cultural baggage, trying to impose his superiority with brain games to to oust the predominance of felines, notoriously sharper.

Cousin Aki is completely different, she is an easy-going panda, with a friendly and affable attitude, ready to share with everyone a ear to listen or a hug to support.

A mediator role is covered by the aged professor of the group, Oscar: a racoon that saw growing up everybody and knows very well what are the values of each memeber of the group, and knows them enough to put them to their places with few, spot-on, words.

A company that is complete with the two dogs Freddy, the bulldog, and Duke, the pug: the funny duo that cause fondness in everybody. The first one for trying to mime the other characters with goofy moves; the second one for having a line for everything: two real friends that carry fun and joy to the whole group.

Oh, Roger the Keeper has arrived, and he knows how to keep them at their places. A discrete but present watch, ready to open the gates, firmly closed until the animals want: another safety night just passed, it's time to enjoy a wonderful new day.

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