What transmission technology does the remote use?

The Zoolock is a very innovative remote, in fact it use the HYBRID on board technology. It means that you could use the remote with the secure transmission in fix or rolling code mode.

It's very easy to understand what kind of transmission you're using on the remote, you just need to look at the LED on it. If the color of the LED is RED it means that you're using it in Fix code mode; if the LED is GREEN it means you're using the Rolling Code transmission, safer than the other.

How can I install Zoolock with my gate?

It is very easy to install a Zoolock remote on your home-gate. If you already have a motor or a Roger Technology solution you can activate your remote with our radio receiver using the standard procedure, already in use for the other remotes.

If you have a different brand solution, or different radio receiver, we suggest to contact your installer.

In any case for any information related to the installation of your remote, you can visit the page “use”.

How can I change the battery of my Zoolock?

To change the battery it's a very easy operation. In the back shell of the remote you will find three little screws. Once removed you can open the shell and interact with the main card. In this card there is the spot of the battery, easy to remove and place a new one.

Anyway to have a better knowledge of the instruction to change the battery, we suggest to visit the page “use”.

What battery do I need to use?

Your Zoolock works with a standard “button-type” battery called “CR2032”.

These are normal 3V lithium batteries that you can easily find in any electronics store, supermarket or groceries store.

where can I purchase Zoolock’s remotes?

You can find the whole Zoolock family in our point of sale in Italy and the world, authorised following the commercial politic managed by Roger Technology Srl.

To know this point of sale in Italy or in your Country, we invite you to visit the dedicated section on the website “FIND US”.

Can I request the installation of the ZOOLOCK remote?

Of course you can!
Even if the activation of the remote is quite easy, you always have the possibility to contact your installer and ask him the procedure of memorisation of the remote with the radio receiver of you gate, no matter the brand, Roger Technology or not. Do not forget, at the purchase, to request for an installer to help you, and provide you the service you need for your ZOOLOCK. 

My ZOOLOCK doesn’t work anymore?

If your remote is not working anymore, or is not working properly, before to contact your installer we suggest you to try this two easy and quick options:

1) Notice if the LED (red or green) on your remote turns on when you press the two buttons. If the LED does not turn on it means that the battery is consumed, and you need to change it with a new one.

2) If the battery is still loaded, you can verify if in the central of the motor the remote is still memorised to the radio receiver, following the procedure on the video in the section “use”.

How can I clean the remote?

To clean your Zoolock you just need a simple cloth or a wet wipe to rub on the surfaces of the remote and remove the residual dirt.

Can I copy a ZOOLOCK remote?

It is possible to copy a remote, but it depends on the kind of transmission technology you're using on it.

Thanks to the HYBRID technology, the remote can work in opening and closing with either fix or rolling code type.

The copy of the remote is available only with the fix code transmission, so when the LED of the remote is RED.

The procedure is the standard already in use for Roger Technology, and other brands, remotes.

What is ZOOLOCK’s Pedigree?

The pedigree section it's a fun, marketing area, where you'll have the chance to activate the pedigree, so the certificate of authenticity of your remote.

When you purchase a Zoolock remote, pay attention to its box, because inside every sinlge pack you can find a stub. That is your original PEDIGREE!

In the “PEDIGREE” section on the website you can activate it and access to many interactive contents such as: the Zoolock's stories, on-line games and the social network groups dedicated to them.